About this Website

Get Help Now

In an emergency, or when you want an immediate response:

  • dial 9-1-1 OR
  • dial 413-597-4444 for Campus Safety & Security OR
  • use the anonymous tip line

Report an Incident

To report an incident, please use the Incident Reporting Form.

This site addresses the need for the entire Williams community to have a way to report and share incidents of unwanted, abusive, or harassing behavior. It also functions as a repository for historical records of community incidents of intolerance.

Reports submitted to this site can be selected for a response only, be posted in a repository, or both.The site is managed by the offices of the Dean of the College and the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity. These offices forward all postings to a committee that reviews them for authenticity and oversees what materials get posted on the site. The review board consists of:

  • Dean of the College
  • Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity
  • MINCO co-chairs
  • Director of Campus Safety and Security
  • College Council Co-Presidents

Any member of or visitor to the college community may submit an incident for review. However, only members of the college community have access to the archives. This site does not replace the offices or mechanisms responsible for handling incidents of harassment or discrimination.

Information reported on this site may be submitted anonymously and is considered confidential to the extent permitted by law and/or consistent with the mission of the college and its Code of Conduct.